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Jennifer Rothstein Joins Arete Advisors as Cyber Insurance Practice Leader

Arete’s Cyber Insurance Practice is developing new innovative approaches to assist Insurance Carriers and Insureds in preparing for and responding to increasing cyber-attacks. Arete’s global incident response teams are working in close collaboration with Insurance Carriers, Breach Coaches, Insured Clients and Government Agencies by providing insights from the frontlines into new trends, techniques, and tools that criminals are deploying to steal digital assets.

Washington, D.C. – June 29, 2018 – Arete Advisors, a trusted and elite group of cybersecurity experts, who are frequently called upon to provide expert opinions, insights and in some cases testify before government inquiries and federal courts, today announced that Jennifer Rothstein had joined the Arete team in their New York City office as the Cyber Insurance Practice Leader. Arete’s cybersecurity experts are globally recognized amongst the world cyber elite to provide unparalleled capabilities in Incident Response, and Proactive Cybersecurity readiness services.

Jennifer brings to Arete over a decade of risk management expertise and experience, complemented by her legal, underwriting and claims background at both AIG and Kroll. During her time at AIG, Jennifer worked with the world’s leading risk management teams to develop vendor partner panels between the carrier and its insured client base. After her time at AIG, Jennifer has spent the last five years at Kroll, one of the world’s leading Investigations firms following her passion to develop innovative ways to align the interests of Carriers, Agents, and Insured clients.

Jennifer’s new role as the Cyber Insurance practice leader at Arete will direct an elite global team of technical and consulting experts to support her efforts in developing an innovative new approach to responding to and preparing for data breaches that gives greater transparency into enterprise risk, while also providing cost certainty into response measures. This will eliminate the cost for runaway expenditures for Cyber insurance carriers, breach coaches, brokers and insured organizations. Jennifer’s high-profile leadership in the Cyber industry has been accentuated as the founder of “Women in Cyber.” Centered in the New York City area, Jennifer works to cultivate, mentor and connect the community in an industry where women only represent 11% of the workforce. With hundreds of members in the group, Jennifer’s dedication to connecting the community around the critical risk issue we all share in Cyber risk is exemplified. In the coming months, Jennifer will work directly with Arete’s Leadership and operations to launch “Cyber Shield” a non-profit ISAO initiative for licensed insurance agents in collaboration with National Insurance Associations for Licensed Insurance agents across the U.S.

Joe Mann, CEO of Arete, says, “As cyber insurance claims continue to grow in frequency and severity, we must do more to align the interests of insurance companies, breach coaches, brokers, and the insured clients of reducing cyber risk and spiraling costs associated with data breaches. We are happy to announce Jennifer joining the Arete team. Jennifer represents the pursuit of excellence in her practice that we look for from our leaders, with her commitment to the clients, partners, and broader community we all serve.

About Arete Advisors Inc.

Arete Advisors is made up of an elite team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts who have created unparalleled capabilities to address the full cyber incident life cycle, from proactive Cybersecurity services, Incident Response (IR) readiness assessments and training to triage and cyber forensics, post-incident remediation, and testifying expertise, to protect our clients from cyber crime. Our core skills include incident response services and retainers, triage, digital forensics, malware reverse engineering, remediation, and testifying expertise. Arete works with your organization to provide highly customized advice specific to your business size and industry. Arete’s advisory services provide legally defensible, compliant cyber strategies that assist the C-Suite and Boards of Directors to continuously improve the organizations’ cyber posture. Data breaches are a matter of when, not if in today’s world. Engaging Arete’s team of experts gives your organization the confidence to respond to a data breach with access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals – anywhere in the world – within hours not days.

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